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The 16th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2019

Butcher Block Acoustics Rigidrack 3 Shelf Rack 1514 (as reviewed)

One of the easiest Writer's Choice Awards I've ever selected. The Butcher Block Acoustics 3 Shelf Rack features shelves available in widths from 24" to 60" and 18" or 20" in depth. Although the shelves aren't adjustable, I found the 10" middle to bottom space to be perfectly fine for most large gear (the open architecture keeps electronics from getting all hot and bothered). The shelves can support up to 500 pounds—and what shelves! Maple and Walnut shelves can be ordered in various configurations, all of them stunning in appearance. SnapLock™ Level-It™ Feet w/ Neoprene Pad or 1½" Tall Gold Spikes keep the rack secure and vibration free on either bare floors or carpet, and the whole rack is as sturdy as one could ask for. No levers, pulleys, or vacuum pumps needed, this rack is a refreshing testimony to old-fashioned woodworking skill and carefully selected materials. For the price of a gussied up USB cable, you can have an audio product whose solid craftsmanship ensures that it will last a lifetime. With a look right out of American Gothic, The Butcher Block Acoustics is an honest product with obvious lasting utility, one that shuts the mouths of all of those who complain that there's nothing but snake oil in the audio industry.

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